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High Cube End Dump 


Hi-Res Drawing

Suspension: Hutch H9700 single axle suspension, 20,000 lbs. capacity
5" diameter, 22,500 lbs. capacity, 77.5" track, cams are front and up for greater ground clearance, bolt-on cam shaft brackets
Brakes: 16.5" x 7" Q-style shoes air actuated
Brake System: FMVSS121 with Midland anti-skid brakes
Hubs: Cast steel, 10 stud 11.25" BHC for outboard mounted drums
Cast steel, 16.5" x 7" outboard mounted with oil bath bearings and metal hubs
Wheels: (4) 22.5 x 8.25 steel wheels PPW for stud pilot system
Tires: (4) 11R22.5 Goodyear G132 14PR
Upper Coupler:
2" SAE king pin welded to a .375" steel rocking coupler assembly
Gin Poles: Seamless pipe construction
2-speed with the crank on the roadside the legs are mounted onto the gin pole assembly
Nylon, 22-oz. roll over, crank operated from the ground, (5) straps with ratcheting tie downs, removable crank mounted onto the roadside
Back-up Lights: None
Tire Carrier: None
Lights and Wiring: FMVSS 108 wiring with sealed harness and sealed lights
Paint: One color urethane enamel
Barn door type with double lock rods, (4) hinges, steel frame with aluminum panel
Length: 28’-6" long
Width: 102" overall width and 98.5" inside width
Height: 13’-11" overall height on 49" coupler height
Weight: 8,980 lbs. each on 22.5 x 8.25 steel wheels and standard tires
Capacity: 85 cubic yards water level
Commodity: Bulk agricultural materials
Materials: Aluminum skin and steel frame
Dump Angle: 45 degrees
Frontwall: .125" aluminum sheet with exterior aluminum extruded posts
Sidewall: .080" aluminum sheet with exterior aluminum extruded posts
Rear Corner Post: Fabricated steel shape
Ladder: (1) steel ladder mounted onto the front wall offset to the roadside
Hydraulic Cylinder: 
Multi-stage, single acting shafted mounted on the top and the bottom
Hydraulic Connection: 1" single wet line with 1" quick connect fitting

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