Double Box Roll Off Semi Trailer

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Spec Sheet (PDF) 

SPECIFICATION - ROS 485 Double Box Roll-Off Semi Trailer

FRAME: 48' 0" overall
WIDTH: 34" frame width and 96" overall width
BODY STOPS: (1) set of removable body stops and (1) set of removable body stops at the format of the trailer
MAIN BEAMS: I-beam construction with 5/8" x 4" top and bottom flanges, 5mm thick high-tensile web sections. All of the steel is high strength with a minimum yield of 60,000 psi
CROSS MEMBERS: Fabricated members bolted into the main frame
HOIST TUBE: 4" x 10" x 3/8" steel tuber 25' long
ROLLERS: (5) 5" diameter rollers on each side with solid high strength steel roller shafts
HOIST CYLINDERS: (2) 5.5" diameter, single stage, double acting, hoist cylinders with 3" solid shafts and solid high strength steel cylinder pivot shafts
HOIST SYSTEM: 60,000 lbs. capacity revere system with (2) 5.5" dia. cylinders and a 3/4" stranded cable
CONTROL VALVE: Hydraulic valve with (2) spools, manually operated
TRANSFER CHAIN: (1) 39,000 lbs. capaciti trasnfer chain in the from section of the frame
SUPPORT LEGS: 2-speed 120,000 lbs. capacity with cushion shoes and the crank of the curb side
SUSPENSION: Silent-drive wide spread tandem air suspension with the front axle liftable but not steerable, spread 10' 2" center to center
AXLES: (2) 5" dia. axles with 71.5" track, 25,000 lbs. capacity for the hub pilot system
HUBS: Lightweight steel for the outboard mounted drums, 10 studs for the hub pilot system
DRUMS: 16.5" x 7" centrifuse outboard mounted
TIRES: (8) 11R 22.5 highway tread 14 ply
WHEELS: (8) 22.5 x 8.25 steel disc wheels for hub pilot system
FENDERS: High impact plastic over the tires
LIGHTS AND WIRING: FMVSS 108, 12-volt system, LED lights, sealed harness
FRAME: 48' 0" overall
BRAKE SYSTEM: FMVSS 121, anti-skid brakes
BRAKE RELEASE: (1) brake release near the hydraulic controls
TOOLBOX: (1) 18" x 24" x 48" steel
STRAPS: (2) 4" x 30' nylon straps
BINDER / HOOK: (3) ratchet binders and (3) hooks for load tie downs
PAINT: White polyurethane enamel
  • Measurements, clearance and dimensions are approximate and describe a standard trailer
  • Drawing is not to scale.
  • Weights, if shown, are typical and will vary.
  • All specifications, illustrations and information contained herein are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. American Carrier Equipment reserves the right to make any changes without notice or obligation.


We warrant this product for one year from the date of delivery to be free from defect in material and workmanship; also that it will perform its intended job satisfactorily when under normal use and service. Our responsibility is limited to making good at our facility by repair or replacement of any part which upon our examination is found to be defective in its construction or application. All freight charges are for our customers account. All vendor parts carry their own warranty.

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