Solid Waste Transfer All Steel Green Waste Trailer

All Steel Green Waste Trailer


LENGTH: 45’-0"
WIDTH:  96" overall
HEIGHT: 13’ 6" overall
WEIGHT:  20,450 lbs. +/- 3%
COUPLER SECTION: Steel fabricated assembly with steel approach plate and steel side plates
SUSPENSION: Hutch H9700 weld-on undermount with 1 ¾" seats
SPRINGS:  3-leaf steel
AXLES: (2) 5" dia.22,500 lbs. capacity, 71.5" track
BRAKES:  16.5" x 7" S-cam, 20,000 lbs. capacity
HUBS: Cast steel with 10 studs on 11.25" BHC for hub pilot system
DRUMS: 16.5" x 7" cast steel outboard mounted
WHEELS:  (8) 22.5 x 8.25 steel disc for hub pilot system
TIRES: (8) 11R22.5 Highway tread 14 ply
BRAKE SYSTEM:  FMVSS 121 with anti-skid brakes
BACK-UP ALARM:  Included
SUPPORT LEGS: 2-speed box, 120,000 lbs. static capacity with a 13.5" minimum ground clearance
CROSSMEMBERS: On 20" centers
BUMPER:  Included in the rear frame
LIGHT BAR: Steel pan for the tail lights
FRONTWALL: 12 gauge steel with cropped corner design
SIDEWALL:  14 gauge high strength steel
SIDEWALL POSTS:  Corrugations integral with the sidewall skin
UPPER RAIL:  4" x 6" ASTM A500 Grade B steel tube SVO451 Shuttlvan 1 Specifications
LOWER RAIL: 10 gauge steel fabricated section 
TOP REAR HEADER: Steel tube 4" x 4"
REAR SILL: Fabricated steel floor sill
REAR DOORS: Top hinged 12 gauge steel with dog leg type hinge and lock rod at the bottom edge that locks into both rear posts
WINDOWS (1) opening covered with expanded metal on the roadside of the front wall
REGISTRATION HOLDER: Mounted onto the front wall on the roadside
LIGHTS AND WIRING:  FMVSS 108 system with LED (4) tail lights, triple I.D. lights, license light, (5) markers on each side of the top rail and the bottom rail, mid-turn signal and a sealed harness system for long life and trouble free connections
CONNECTIONS: Air and electrical connections centered on the front wall in the front crossmember
FLOOR:  (4) W78 chains, 156,000 lbs. capacity, with steel angle flight bars and wear strips under each chain full length of the trailer
DRIVE SYSTEM: 2500 psi hydraulic system with gearboxes and motors, rear drive roller is driven from both sides for maximum torque and even distribution of the load
LIDS: Nylon roll-over tarp system with detachable crank and (5) ratchet straps 
UPPER CROSSMEMBER: (1) steel tube section mounted in the middle and pinned at both ends
LID LIFTER: Optional   
PAINT: White polyurethane enamel  
SPLASH GUARDS: White anti-sail
  • Measurements, clearance and dimensions are approximate and describe a standard trailer
  • Drawing is not to scale.
  • Weights, if shown, are typical and will vary.
  • All specifications, illustrations and information contained herein are based on the latest information available at the time of publication. American Carrier Equipment reserves the right to make any changes without notice or obligation.


We warrant this product for one year from the date of delivery to be free from defect in material and workmanship; also that it will perform its intended job satisfactorily when under normal use and service. Our responsibility is limited to making good at our facility by repair or replacement of any part which upon our examination is found to be defective in its construction or application. All freight charges are for our customers account. All vendor parts carry their own warranty.

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